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The concept of happiness is often not prioritized and taken for granted yet it has an innate ability to affect the mind and wellbeing greatly. These are understandings I have come to comprehend through personal experiences.  People often go through life accepting, accepting what happens to them, believing that their life is set in concrete without questioning or expecting life to be any different.

Happiness at its core is essential to our wellbeing and is a key way to decipher our own minds.Whilst gaining perspective to the encrypted language of our personalities and response to the world that surrounds us. My thesis is an exploration in to what factors influence my happiness and how it is maintained. The factors were used to inspire a three-part series of work (Family: The Way to Healing, Cultural Influences:Wabi Sabi and Realizations : “Ruin Is the Gift To Transformation) that could metaphorically reflect my observations, findings and new found understanding of myself. In addition, my series intends to find a way to appeal to the mass market and essentially bridge the discourse of production and conceptual work. 

B R I D G I N G  P R O D U C T I O N  &  D E S I G N

Creating a line that is consistent and wearable is one thing but something I always struggled with being in this industry is the lack of connection between the two worlds of conceptual design and "production" work. Production typically seen as something lacking in concept or profound meaning and serving of a passing trend. As my roots come from developing conceptual ideas through personal interest and theatrical training I found this to be something I wanted to tackle. 

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