J E N N Y  B I R D

Jewelry Design - Project Management - Product Development

From becoming the first JB Design Intern, working closely with Jenny to design upcoming collections to becoming a part time designer whilst finishing up university. I aided in the evolution of pieces Jenny Bird is known for and assisting in designing and rounding out upcoming collections. 

Aside from the core and upcoming collections, I worked alongside Jenny on creating exclusive collections to be sold at Nordstorm, Stitchfix x JB, Rarebirds.  In addition, project managed and designed several well regarded projects including CAFA nominated The Pin Project

F A R + W I D E  &  UNHCR

In collaboration with UNCHR for Far + Wide, a pin made by refugee communities, displaced person or returnee sold through a Kickstarter Campaign raising over $106,479. Proceeds help "create employment and income for a displaced generation to craft their own futures".  

Inspired by a "More Than A Refugee" , the kite is a symbol of flying high, new hope while still having a foundation from those supporting them. 

Concept Creation


Project Manager

Z A N E  X  J E N N Y  B I R D

As part of the summer 2018 collection release an exclusive pop up event was created with a 25 piece collection designed and managed by me. Sourcing vintage pieces and parts to be reimagined in additional to original one of a kind pieces to be sold exclusively for the Toronto Community. Worked with select JB team members to realized their dream pieces from concept to creation. 

Managed and created timelines to meet popup deadlines, coordinating with in-house maker and suppliers. As well as working with the marketing team to develop imagery and strategy to promote collection.

photographed by Brandi-Lynne 

graphic design by Maegan Fidelino


In collaboration with WCH to raise money for the foundation the JB design team designed a fitting brooch and necklace representing their key virtues - courage, resilience, compassion, innovation.

Together We Rise”, the 14K gold-dipped, solid sterling silver piece

Source Manufacturers, Suppliers, Materials

Project Manager

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